Consultation and Centering Sessions

Your immersive healing journey begins with my scanning and recalibration of your frequency.

I will deep dive into and identify your health concerns and design your healing program by centering mind, body and spirit. These sessions are a progression of your immersive healing journey and will be both diagnostic and therapeutic.

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The Pilates Modality

I will create a personalized Pilates Modality program that enables me to help center your physical, mental and body mind movement.

I specialize in mobilizing and stabilizing the spine. Learning good and proper movement will keep your spine “young” and pain-free, avoiding recurring injuries caused by bad posture and instability. This program works best for lower back pain, stability, and more serious concerns such as spondylolysis, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, and scoliosis.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on balancing and harmonizing the landscape of your body.

TCM helps establish your core rhythms by balancing the yin and yang through tools used thousands of years ago. The use of acupuncture, tuina, and ventosa are modalities which will center the body to health.

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Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is a tool used to look at one’s predispositions to health and disease. By creating your natal chart we will try to understand the nature of the human soul’s path, its processes, and its manifestations of health on the physical body.

Until 1666, European physicians were required to pass their university astrology exams to obtain their medical licenses. A great debt to Arabs and Jews who preserved, polished, improved, and documented this system (in Spain and other Islamic centers) which we now use and include in modern-day methods of wellness/diagnosis. Medical Astrology can assess the vibrational patterns behind the manifestation of the source of disease from one’s natal chart.

Special packages

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