Equipped with certified technical know-how in The Method of Pilates from Joan Breibart’s Physical Mind Institute, and a new outlook from an immersive alternative approach to living well, I returned to Manila and opened my Pilates studio, armed with transformative values and perspectives that enabled me to teach people what their bodies were requiring from them, with the many variations and modalities of Pilates as my main instrument.

I credit three transformative milestones in leading me to my body, mind and spirit healing practice.

Spinal Injuries and Pilates

I focused on patients with spine injuries, eventually integrating spinal injury healing into my Pilates practice, working with such rehabilitation specialists as Dr. Tyrone Reyes, Dr. Svetlana Aycardo, Kristine Warren and Dr. Jose Raul Canlas.

Community of Healers

I was blessed to be part of a community of healers who grounded me with the technical and deeper approach to using energy as a form of healing, directly and indirectly making me a light worker. These include such masters as Fr. Bulatao, Reiki and Kabbalist healers/protectors, Sarah and Robert Rubin, Institute of Inner Studies through Master Choa Kok Sui’s life works, Danny Gorgonia and Pranic Foundation, Judy Papeck. Special credit to Jaime Licauco, who taught me the experimental approach to understanding what cannot be perceived and often cannot be said.

Sharpened Senses from Meditation

A car accident immobilized me for several months and forced me to meditate and pray. This heightened my other senses, empowering me to tune in to people’s frequencies that enables me to diagnose human conditions and discern illnesses and stress points. This gift of a sense of knowing and sense of seeing complements my Pilates practice and light healing.

Completing my Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) studies at the Ateneo de Manila Healthdev Institute further gave me the capabilities to integrate Eastern Philosophies with Western Medicine. Join me in this journey of healing your body, mind and spirit so you can truly value your life purpose.