Acupuncture helps restore the natural landscape of the body

By carefully mapping out the joints in your body that need healing and attention, acupuncture can help restore your natural balance and flow through relieving blockages, stimulating, nourishing, strengthening, diminishing excesses which need balancing.

Tui na

Tuina massage is an ancient Chinese
practice that helps rid of blockages or
imbalances that may cause pain or illness. It relies on an old system of bodywork with the goal of allowing Qi and blood to flow freely through stimulation, promoting balance and harmony.

Tuina massage concentrates on the energy that flows on meridians and acupuncture points. The importance of qi flowing correctly through oscillating and pressure techniques, deep and intense tissue massage combined with gentler passive and even meditative techniques allows the yin and yang to harmonize.


Ventosa, or cupping therapy, is used to restore flow to a stagnated body and stimulate your Qi.

Ventosa increases the blood flow and loosens any concentrated pressure through the use of air, removing toxins and unnecessary blockages that have caused you to go off-center. 

the meridian source therapy

The Meridian Source Therapy is an online virtual healing experience intended for the sole purpose of restoring the normal landscape of the body, mind, and spirit.

Based on the principles and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the system is combined with other ancient healing modalities to restructure and to realign the body’s energy system, achieving a more balanced and healthy flow of energy systems. Experienced in a secure and safe environment in the comforts of your home.

Food is medicine. A healthy stomach and spleen (gut) affect the body long-term

Imbalances brought about by poor food choices cause disease and aging. Our program aims to integrate nature into food, focusing on creating balance and timing towards achieving a therapeutic dietary solution.

herbal medicine

We can find healthier sources of healing from nature in which we are connected since before we are born on this earth.

The herbal medicines we still used today are formulated centuries ago. It was existing way before modern technology was created to heal patients fast. Our herbal medicines do not carry any chemical and unnatural additives that will easily disrupt your natural flow.